EU monitor: Global one-day temperature spikes above 2 degrees Celsius for first time

Source: Watauga Democrat

“The global average temperature on Friday was more than two degrees Celsius hotter than pre-industrial levels for the first time on record, Europe’s Copernicus climate monitor said Monday, adding Saturday likely continued the unprecedented warming streak. Months of extraordinary heat are expected to make 2023 the hottest year in history, with droughts, massive wildfires and fierce storms ravaging swathes of the planet. … The 2015 Paris Agreement enshrined the goal of holding the increase in the global average temperature to ‘well below’ 2C above pre-industrial levels and to aim for a safer 1.5C. If individual days go above 2C that does not mean that the Paris threshold has been breached — the deal instead refers to an average measured over decades.” (11/20/23)