UK: Sunak urges world to use AI & science to end malnutrition

Source: SFGate

“British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Monday that the U.K. is setting up a new science initiative to help develop flood-tolerant rice, disease-resistant wheat and other crops that are more resilient to climate change. Sunak was joined by ministers, diplomats and philanthropists from about 20 countries at a one-day Global Food Security Summit in London, where he urged world leaders to harness artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology to end malnutrition around the globe. Sunak told delegates that a ‘fundamental shift’ is needed to confront a food-security crisis that is being worsened by climate change. He focused on the role of science and said the U.K. would set up a ‘virtual science hub’ linking international researchers working on more resilient crops. The U.K. hub will be part of a global research partnership known as CGIAR.” (11/20/23)