Bangladesh: When reporting hits home

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by Sara Miller Llana

“I called my 12-year-old from the road in Dhaka, Bangladesh, after I’d spent several days reporting in Mongla for the third installment of our Climate Generation series. The story focuses on the extraordinary adaptation of a generation whose lives will be uprooted by climate migration. In Mongla, I met a trio of best friends. These girls wowed me: their budding understanding of their rights as children, their simultaneous expression of innocence and wisdom, their creativity and determination. I was drawn to one in particular, Mafiya. She not only is amazing, but also happens to be in eighth grade, like my daughter. My daughter was in a bad mood the afternoon I reached her on FaceTime. … when she started fretting about clothes shopping, I grew frustrated myself. … The inequalities of the world suddenly felt personal.” (11/20/23)