Biden Is a One-Term President

Source: Newsweek
by Mark Davis

“There are so many murmurs about replacing Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee that a more central question can get sidelined: what are his chances of winning a second term if he is not removed from the ballot? Democrats are in a singularly unenviable position, eyeing a troubled nation led by a president in obvious decline, with no alternative nominee in sight. Everyone is free to mull some scheme featuring Gavin Newsom riding to the rescue, or the spectacle of Michelle Obama lowered from the rafters at the Chicago convention to accept the anointing of delegates filled with joyful relief. Right now those are amateurish movie screenplays. Team Biden shows no sign of awakening to the reality the rest of us can see every day: a president struggling with cognitive clarity and unfavorable poll numbers in swing states.” (11/20/23)