Offensive Speech Is Still Legally Protected Free Speech. That’s a Good Thing.

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matthew L Schafer

“I believe deeply in [The First Amendment] and in the historical role of newspapers as a bulwark against intrusions on the rights protected by it. So I was surprised to see my local New Jersey newspaper, The Westfield Leader, argue that some speech with which it disagrees is not ‘free speech.’ The editorial, ‘Free Speech Does Not Include Freedom to Incite Violence,’ takes a familiar and unfortunate form: ‘I believe in free speech, but …’ This small-town controversy centers on the local school board and one member in particular, Sahar Aziz, but has its roots in the Israel-Hamas war a world away. Ms. Aziz is a law professor at Rutgers Law School where she researches the intersection of national security, religion, and civil rights. She is also an outspoken critic of Israel’s military response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.” (11/20/23)