The Outsider Who Won

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“On Saturday, before yesterday’s election in Argentina, The Washington Post called him ‘Trump-like;’ The New York Times, on Sunday, compared him to Donald Trump in the first sentence of its results profile, proclaiming his win, in its title, a ‘victory for the world’s far right.’ The two pieces deserve careful study of how American media primes its center-left readership to fall in line with its ideological poses. Sad that I cannot provide that careful study, here; but happy for the occasion to probe the issues laid bare in these two less-than-stellar election coverages. A decent profile of Argentina’s new president would inquire more honestly and deeply into just how badly Peronism and Kirchnerism have wounded the inflation-ridden South American country, and with less prejudice explore the actual beliefs of president-elect Javier Milei.” (11/20/23)