JFK 60

Source: Notablog
by Chris Matthew Sciabarra

“Sixty years ago, this week, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Since that time, there has been a never-ending debate over who was responsible for JFK’s death: Lee Harvey Oswald? The CIA? The Mafia? Cuban Exiles? All of them? None of them? I have no intention of even attempting to resolve these controversial questions. I write neither to praise the promise of ‘Camelot’ nor to condemn Kennedy’s ‘fascist New Frontier,’ as Ayn Rand famously characterized it. My focus here is a bit more personal. It’s about what it was like to be a 3-year-old kid, living in Brooklyn, New York, watching these events unfold on a vintage black-and-white television screen. And how that experience — and the experience of seeing the events of the 1960s — sparked my interest in history and politics.” (11/19/23)