SC: Sweetheart deal releases accused serial rapist who threatened to bite officer’s finger off

Source: Fox News

“A suspected serial rapist got a sweetheart plea deal and spent 483 days behind bars despite accusations of three brutal rapes and violating his bond conditions over 50 times to shop and play golf. The South Carolina Department of Corrections reviewed 21-year-old Bowen Turner’s case Sept. 14 and granted his release, according to prison records. He was released Wednesday. Turner, the son of an investigator for a local prosecutor, was originally facing criminal sexual conduct charges that carried up to 30 years in prison, but he pleaded guilty to lesser charges of first-degree assault and battery. He was sentenced to probation in April 2022 under the Youthful Offender Act, which can be offered to offenders under 25 with no previous record, and avoided the sex offender registry.” (11/19/23)