Why it’s time for LGB to divorce T and Q

Source: New York Post
by Chadwick Moore

“A standup comic named Paul Elia joked to an audience in Los Angeles last month about the newfangled Pride flag, which has in recent years replaced the better-known ‘rainbow flag’ at many LGBT events in America. ‘It has like six additional colors that represent the transgender and nonbinary community,’ Elia enthused. ‘They had gay Pride outside my house, and I was watching everybody … waving it around … And then I saw some people with the old gay flag. Is that, like, the gay confederacy,’ Elia asked. ‘What if there’s a gay civil war?’ The audience chuckled but Elia was onto something. A movement is underfoot on both sides of the Atlantic to decouple the alphabet soup that has come to be known as ‘LGBTQ+’. As rising numbers of old-fashioned LGBs see it, the ‘T’ (for transgender) and ‘Q’ (queer) don’t necessarily have much in common with gays and lesbians.” (11/18/23)