Gaza Shows Difference Between International Law & “Rules-Based International Order”

Source: The Nation
by Spencer Ackerman

“As the Palestinian death toll crossed the 10,000 mark in early November, two anonymous mid-level US diplomats marginalized by President Joe Biden’s support of Israel warned that the US urgently needed to ‘publicly criticize Israel’s violations of international norms such as failure to limit offensive operations to legitimate military targets.’ Israel’s war in Gaza, they wrote in a memo leaked to Politico, was ‘sowing doubt in the rules-based international order that we have long championed.’ The diplomats are part of a growing chorus against the impunity that the United States has long provided Israel for unambiguous violations of international law. Jordan’s King Abdullah II railed that ‘in another conflict’ (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) the US condemned ‘attacking civilian infrastructure and deliberately starving an entire population of food, water, electricity, and basic necessities.’ International law, he continued, ‘loses all value if it is implemented selectively.'” (11/17/23)