In Praise of Bayard Rustin’s Way of Doing Things

Source: Common Dreams
by Deepak Bhargava & Stephanie Luce

“Ask most Americans what they think of ‘radicals’ and you’ll hear skepticism. Ask them about ‘practical radicals’, and you might get a chuckle. Surely practical people don’t try to change society in dramatic ways? A new film and books about Bayard Rustin, an organizer and strategist in civil rights, peace, and economic justice movements, bring needed attention to the crucial, hidden tradition of practical radicalism that we desperately need to recover. Practical radicals are responsible for much of the progress we have made over the centuries, and they are our best hope for addressing growing crises of democracy, climate change, and inequality today. Rustin is best known as the architect of the famous 1963 March on Washington where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.” (11/19/23)