A moderate third party alternative could give the GOP and Democrats serious problems

Source: Orange County Register
by Thomas D Elias

“[I]f anyone could get a mainstream third party onto the ballot – unlike options like the extremist American Independents and Peace and Freedom Party – Democrats and Republicans might not be so cavalier about a potential new competitor. In fact, the specter of H. Ross Perot and his short-lived Reform Party still hangs over California political reality even as the likes of anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and retiring West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin make presidential candidate noises. … It’s possible both Kennedy and Manchin could mount significant independent runs. Some polling shows Kennedy might hurt Trump more than Biden, while Manchin would likely harm Biden more. But neither has Perot’s money or by himself amounts to a political party and both face the huge task of getting on the ballot in all 50 states.” (11/17/23)