Cry, the Beloved Unincorporated Area

Source: Show-Me Institute
by David Stokes

“An interesting vote took place last week in St. Louis County. A large unincorporated area in the southwest part of the county had a vote on whether or not they wished to be annexed by the city of Manchester. The overall question was fairly straightforward. Did the residents of the area want to receive local public services from Manchester instead of St. Louis County, and, if so, were they willing to pay the slightly higher taxes for it? The answer by the residents of the area was a resounding ‘no.’ The proposal was overwhelmingly defeated in the area to be annexed, and considering they had over fifty percent voter turnout (incredible for an off-year election day like this), the desire to remain unincorporated has been made abundantly clear. Living in an unincorporated area is an overlooked aspect of suburban life.” (11/17/23)