Buttigieg Boosts New Marshall Plan — For Ukraine

Source: Independent Institute
by K Lloyd Billingsley

“‘With the memory of the Marshall plan in mind, what we’re talking about is not only about how we fund immediate needs and support their ability to maintain the war effort, but how we support the ability of Ukraine to be economically viable and generate a sustainable future for themselves, even as they’re under attack.’ That was Transportation Secretary and former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, in a recent interview with the Guardian. … Buttigieg’s trip to Ukraine ‘will focus on advancing Ukraine’s economic recovery and efforts to return Ukraine to economic self-sufficiency, including via supporting investments in transportation infrastructure and reforms that will support a return to private-sector led growth.’ Taxpayers have to wonder how much economic recovery, transportation infrastructure, and private-sector growth Secretary Buttigieg has achieved in the United States.” (11/17/23)