Ceasefire protest at Democrats’ national headquarters turns violent

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Police and protesters clashed outside of the Democratic Party’s national headquarters on Wednesday, forcing dozens of lawmakers to be evacuated. Officials said the pro-Palestinian organisers calling for a ceasefire in Gaza were gathered ‘illegally and violently.’ Protesters said they were provoked by police in riot gear who rushed them without warning. Six officers were treated for injuries and a protester was arrested. The incident unfolded on the front steps of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington DC, where political leaders, including the highest ranking House Democrat, had gathered for a reception. Chants of ‘ceasefire now!’ from roughly 150 protesters outside the event resounded in the halls. Capitol Police swiftly descended on the crowd to block off the building’s entrance and exit. Protesters said the policing quickly turned aggressive.” (11/16/23)