“Red Cup Rebellion”: US Starbucks Workers Strike Nationwide

Source: Common Dreams

“With numerous unions and international Starbucks workers pledging solidarity, thousands of U.S. employees at the coffee chain on Thursday staged a work stoppage to protest what they say is the company’s refusal to bargain over working conditions on increasingly busy and frequent ‘promotion days’. Thursday marked ‘Red Cup Day’, when customers receive a red reusable cup upon ordering a holiday-themed beverage, and Starbucks workers, including those among the 9,000 employees who have formed unions at 300 U.S. stores in the past two years, say the event takes a serious toll on them due to the company’s refusal to maintain appropriate staffing levels. ‘On Starbucks promotion days like Red Cup Day, there is no additional staffing to cover the influx of orders that baristas have to handle,’ wrote Moe Mills, a shift supervisor at a Starbucks location in St. Louis, in a USA Today column on Thursday.” (11/16/23)