Xi Jinping is Right About the US Empire

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

In 2015, Xi told military commanders: ‘Some Western countries absolutely never want to see a socialist China grow strong under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.’ The Times writes that Xi’s speeches ‘voiced an almost fatalistic conviction … that China’s rise would prompt a backlash from Western rivals seeking to maintain their dominance.’ Xi told Chinese Air Force officers in 2014, ‘The faster we develop, the bigger the external shock will be, and the greater the strategic blowback.’ According to the Times, ‘In Mr. Xi’s worldview, the West has sought to subvert the Chinese Communist Party’s power at home and contain the country’s influence abroad.’ The problem, one that all too many Americans are loathe to confront, is that Xi Jinping is right about the U.S. Empire.” (11/16/23)