How to Address the Loyola Parking Space Shortage

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Walter Block

“That there is a shortage of parking spaces at the Loyola University New Orleans main campus will come as no surprise to any student, staff, or faculty member of this institution of higher learning. We have all driven right up to the top floors of both parking buildings only to emerge, still behind the wheel, rendering us late, yet again, for classes, meetings, parties, lectures, etc. This is more than just slightly inconvenient. It is wasteful, infuriating, and detracts from an otherwise excellent campus experience. The only people who do not suffer from this challenge are upper administrators who have reserved spots and who, paradoxically, are responsible for this very problem in the first place. What is to be done? Well, economics tells us that there are two and only two solutions to a shortage: supply and demand.” (11/16/23)