Battleground States Reject Biden’s Border Recklessness

Source: Newsweek
by Steve Cortes

“Are terrorists among the millions of illegal [sic] migrants who pour across our border under Joe Biden? Recent evidence suggests the answer to that question is yes — and raises more questions regarding the severe risks of an effectively open border. An illegal [sic] migrant, wanted for terrorism in his home country of Senegal in West Africa, was arrested in New York City last month. This indicted terrorist sauntered into the United States with amazing ease …. He crossed from Mexico into Arizona, unvetted and unencumbered, where he was processed and cordially served up with legal passage to his requested destination of New York. The only restriction placed upon the accused terrorist was a self-enforcement request to appear in court in New York. Fortunately, ICE discovered this entry and apprehended the fugitive two weeks into his U.S. stay.” (11/16/23)