Expert: Media Insufficiently Hysterical on Subject of Trump

Source: Racket News
by Matt Taibbi

“Margaret Sullivan, former New York Times public editor and Washington Post media writer, warns in The Guardian that a poll showing Joe Biden trailing in key states shows the press has not adequately communicated ‘the dangers of a Trump win’: ‘The press generally is not doing an adequate job of communicating those realities. Instead, journalists have emphasized Joe Biden’s age and Trump’s ‘freewheeling’ style. They blame the public’s attitudes on ‘polarization,’ as if they themselves have no role. And, of course, they make the election about the horse race – rather than what would happen a few lengths after the finish line.’ Here are 50 headlines about the threat Donald Trump poses to democracy. (It’d be a thousand, but there was a basketball game I wanted to watch last night.)” (11/16/23)