Earned Knowledge, L10, P4

Source: Freeman’s Perspective
by Paul Rosenberg

“By 1300 AD or so Europe was a new thing, and a much better thing than it had been under Roman domination. By this time, Western civilization was rooted in Christian principles and a new commercial model. More than that, they were passing these principles through their generations very effectively. Even illiterate Europeans were hearing the sayings of Jesus on a regular basis, in church. And when people have access to little information, they tend to hold what little they have more dearly. They knew, surprisingly well, what Jesus had said. Farming also builds certain character traits into its long-term practitioners, and it taught the majority of Europeans to be forward thinking, to cooperate and to respect property. So, the mentality of Europeans generally coalesced over centuries into a form we call ‘Western civilization.'” (11/16/23)