Biden’s support of Israel makes US an accessory to apartheid. And risks another “forever war.”

Source: USA Today
by Haroon Moghul

“To some Americans, our nation’s strong alignment with Israel’s war on Hamas might seem heroic. To much of the world and even our allies, it is as callous as it is confounding. Not only has the United States aided and abetted a brutal war that has killed more than 11,000 Palestinians since Oc. 7, including over 4,000 children, but America and Israel are harmed, too. Israel’s long-term security is undermined, and Americans watch as our democracy deteriorates and, without being consulted, we may have signed up for another forever war, this one far worse than the first. Our political establishment has showed almost no capacity for or even interest in the costs and consequences of so wholly embracing one of the most radical administrations in Israel’s history.” (11/16/23)