Carbon Sequestration: A Net Cost to Our Net Zero Strategy

Source: Adam Smith Institute
by Jack Cryer

“Given that we will likely rely on carbon capture methods to offset over half of the UK’s residual carbon footprint in 2050, it is important to examine the options available and the feasibility of their application over the coming decades. There are two categories of carbon capture techniques: natural and artificial. The main methods in the former category involve afforestation and reforestation. Given that planting a forest the size of Greater London would over 100 years only offset the next two years of UK carbon emissions, it seems appropriate to focus mainly on the second group. … There are two key figures to examine. Firstly, the social cost of carbon: the present value of the damage done by a tonne of CO2 released into the atmosphere. … Secondly, is the price of extracting one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere by these methods.” (11/16/23)