Choosing between justice and freedom in El Salvador

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by Whitney Eulich

“Several years ago I lost a pregnancy at about 13 weeks. I’ve thought about that day over the years for all the obvious, sad reasons. But also because of one big ‘what if’: I had initially planned to be in El Salvador on a reporting trip that week. Scores of women have been imprisoned following miscarriages in El Salvador, accused of murder under the country’s strict abortion laws. What would I have done if my trip dates hadn’t changed? Would I have been able to find a compassionate doctor? Fleeing the country, which is likely what I would have done, isn’t a privilege most Salvadoran women have. Certainly, it hadn’t been on offer for the women defended by Dennis Munoz, the human rights lawyer profiled in the cover story of the Oct. 23 print edition.” (11/14/23)