Root cause of insanity on college campuses older than you may think

Source: Fox News
by Mike Gonzalez & Lindsey M Burke

“Americans are finally catching on that the oppressor-oppressed narrative being taught in our schools and universities is not a conspiracy theory disseminated by conservatives. It’s real. Jewish students having to barricade themselves in a college to escape a mob in Manhattan, of all places, has opened people’s eyes to the threat woke ideology represents to civilization. Too bad it took a grotesque massacre and mass rapes in the Holy Land to do it. But now that we have people’s attention, let’s connect the dots. The oppressor-oppressed worldview that paints democratic Israel as the ‘oppressor’ and Palestinian terrorists as the ‘oppressed,’ so prevalent on college campuses, is pure Marxism.” [editor’s note: Altho this is the usual slanted overreach, it does have some validity – SAT] (11/15/23)