Disabled People Are Underrepresented in Politics; A New Organization Aims to Change That

Source: In These Times
by Sara Luterman, The 19th

“While politicians with disabilities like Sen. John Fetterman have become increasingly visible in national politics, disabled people are still significantly underrepresented. A new organization, Disability Victory, aims to change that. Founded in May by Sarah Blahovec and Neal Carter, the organization hopes to mirror the success of other groups like the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund and She Should Run in increasing the number of marginalized voices in American politics. ‘We need to be involved as decision makers when issues involving our community are being discussed,’ Blahovec told The 19th. Prior to working on Disability Victory, Blahovec was the voting rights and civic engagement director for the National Council on Independent Living, one of the longest-running disabled-lead advocacy organizations in the United States. There, she and Carter started Elevate, the first-ever campaign training program for candidates with disabilities — a precursor to Disability Victory.” (11/15/23)