NY: Disgraced former president files motion for mistrial in fraud case, attacking “biased” judge

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Donald Trump has filed a motion for a mistrial in a New York court, alleging the judge overseeing the $250m fraud case is biased. Trump’s lawyers are asking the New York judge Arthur Engoron for a mistrial given ‘bias’ and ‘improper co-judging’ on the bench. … Trump’s lawyers are still waiting to hear back on an appeal of Engoron’s pre-trial summary judgment, which found Trump guilty of fraud and revoked his New York business licenses, essentially ending his ability to conduct business in the state. Because this is a bench trial with no jury, Engoron is the sole presider of the case. Given that Engoron is the one who will rule on the mistrial, which is blatantly criticizing his conduct on the court, he will likely strike down the motion.” (11/15/23)