Why I’m not afraid of superintelligent AI taking over the world

Source: Understanding AI
by Timothy B Lee

“In 1997, an IBM computer called Deep Blue stunned the world by defeating the world chess champion, Gary Kasparov. Then chess software kept getting better. Today, the highest-ranked chess software, Stockfish, has an Elo rating of 3545, while the top human player, Magnus Carlsen, is rated at 2839. That gap implies Carlson would lose the overwhelming majority of games he played against Stockfish. … [Nick Bostrom’s thesis was that humanity’s defeat at chess was just the beginning. He predicted that in the decades to come, computers would become better than humans at almost every cognitive task. And not just a little bit better. As with chess, Bostrom thought computer capabilities would soar past those of humans on a wide range of tasks from scientific discovery to military conquest. Bostrom warned that advanced AI could escape from the lab and literally take over the world.” (11/15/23)