The Problem with Joe Manchin’s Centrism

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Connor O’Keeffe

“Manchin’s done with Congress. He now plans to travel the country to scope out interest in a movement to ‘mobilize the middle.’ That has many speculating and worrying that the West Virginia senator intends to run as the Democrat on the so-called unity ticket being organized by the centrist group No Labels. The group has said Manchin’s announcement took them by surprise, but Manchin has a close relationship with No Labels, and his op-ed struck all the same chords as the group’s so-called common sense agenda. Centrists like Manchin and No Labels can sound reasonable because they often cite the most pressing problems facing Americans and point out that Congress is entirely unable or unwilling to solve them. That’s all true. But things start falling apart when they try to explain how we got here and the way out.” (11/15/23)