Philippines: Prosecutor Subpoenas Rodrigo Duterte Over Alleged Death Threat

Source: Time

“Rodrigo Duterte, the foul-mouthed former President of the Philippines who drew infamy for, among other things, publicly threatening to ‘shoot women in the vagina’ and ‘kill corrupt journalists,’ once enjoyed impunity from legal challenges. But for the first time since he stepped down last year, Duterte may soon have to answer to a court. According to government documents released Wednesday, a prosecutor in Metro Manila subpoenaed Duterte to answer to allegations that he gravely threatened an opposition lawmaker. Grave threat can carry a jail sentence of up to six months, and if compounded by local cybercrime laws, may carry a sentence of up to six years. … Duterte made the alleged threat in an Oct. 10 episode of his local TV program …. In Tagalog, he said, ‘But your first target there with your intelligence funds, are you, you France, you Communists that I want to kill.'” (11/15/23)