The Five Stages of Biden Grief

Source: The Dispatch
by Nick Catoggio

“The president’s polling is deteriorating, his own base thinks he’s too old to serve another term, yet he’s cruising to the nomination with little more than a whisper of serious opposition. Does the party’s leadership not realize there’s a fair — and growing — chance that he loses to Trump? And that he’s the only prospective Democratic nominee (well, almost) who’s capable of doing so? … the thought of American voters preferring a malevolent villain in 2024 to the incumbent is a bitter one. And some truths are so bitter that they can’t be swallowed in one gulp. Grief is a process. It has stages. I think Democrats are simply moving through the early stages of grieving an increasingly probable Biden defeat next fall. The first stage of grief is denial. Here’s what denial looks like.” (11/14/23)