Anti-Enlightenment Thinking, Past and Present

Source: Quillette
by Adam Wakeling

“Servetus was a very intelligent man, but also a fiery and intemperate one. In his writings, he called infant baptism ‘a diabolical invention and infernal falsehood destructive of Christianity’ and described the Holy Trinity as a three-headed monster. He was expelled from France for these views. On 24 October, he was arrested in Geneva. That same day, the city council found him guilty of heresy and pronounced the sentence dreaded throughout Medieval Europe: ‘We condemn thee, Michael Servetus, to be bound, and led to the place of Champel, there to be fastened to a stake and burnt alive, together with thy book, as well the one written by thy hand as the printed one, even till thy body be reduced to ashes; and thus shalt thou finish thy days to furnish an example to others who might wish to commit the like.’ Servetus would not change his opinion.” (11/14/23)