The Putin-Backed Ethnic Cleansing that the Western Press Isn’t Covering

Source: The UnPopulist
by Maria Titizian

“The cities, towns, and villages of Nagorno-Karabakh, once bustling with life, are now ghostly reminders of what ethnic cleansing looks like. Abandoned homes and shops. Schools with no students. Deserted neighborhoods. Stray animals and pets left behind roaming the streets as Azerbaijani forces start to dismantle any trace of an Armenian existence. Virtually synonymous with ‘frozen war’ — the sort of conflict that the international community could never be bothered with reporting on or trying to understand — the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is, in its apparent endgame, both an immense (and overlooked) humanitarian catastrophe and a sobering geopolitical lesson. It shows how Russia can punish nations (even ostensible allies) that do not toe its line.” (11/14/23)