The Nat Cons Are Dead Wrong: Middle-Class America Is Much Better Off Today Than in the Past

Source: Town Hall
by Stephen Moore

“In the last several months, I have debated some of the intellectual leaders of a group called the ‘national conservatives.’ I consider myself a conservative (on most issues, though I lean more libertarian). National conservatives are well meaning and make some very valid points about the things that are going in the wrong direction in America culturally and economically, especially in the post-COVID world under President Joe Biden. … Biden, who pledged to be a unifier, is driving the country over a progressive cliff. Need I go on? But nat cons take their argument a step further and maintain that this squeeze on middle-class/blue-collar Americans predates Bidenomics, and America has experienced a 40-year secular decline of disappearing factories, income inequality, the decline of union power, and shrinking wages.” (11/14/23)