Technology Will Eliminate Some Jobs, but That’s Not the End of the Story

Source: National Review
by Robert D Atkinson

“Socialists, Communists, and others on the left embraced automation because they believed that liberation could come about only when the problem of production had been solved, and that could only be achieved through mechanization. Now, we live in a world where academics, pundits, and policy-makers fear that AI could replace some types of workers and want to ensure that it only aids them instead. MIT’s Industrial Performance Center issued a report in 2020 proposing five policies that could ‘steer AI development and implementation in a direction that complements humans and augments their skill.’ The very thought that a truck driver, fast-food clerk, paralegal, or even lawyer, radiologist, or reporter might lose their job because of technology triggers fierce opposition. The capitalists are exploiting the worker! In reality, the capitalist is benefiting the consumer and society by helping America produce more.” (11/14/23)