Former New Zealand dictator Ardern drafts AI in fight to impose censorship

Source: Axios

“AI companies including OpenAI and Anthropic have signed up to suppress terrorist content, joining the Christchurch Call to Action — a project started by French President Emmanuel Macron and then New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the wake of the 2019 mass killing at a Christchurch, N.Z. mosque. Government leaders and companies declared that ‘without safeguards, it is inevitable advanced AI capabilities will be weaponized by terrorists and violent extremists’ — and conceded in a paper obtained by Axios that a ‘massive amount’ of terrorist content has been disseminated since Hamas attacked Israel Oct. 7. … while Google has said it has taken down thousands of videos connected to the Hamas-Israel conflict since Oct. 7, Ardern says [her censorship schemes have] often not been ‘deployed appropriately’in recent weeks. ‘In some firms we’re seeing less content moderation rather than more,’ she said, linking the problem [sic] back to budget and job cuts at big tech firms.” (11/13/23)