Dianne Feinstein’s family squabbles over “Himalayan stuff,” cars in Aspen, $9 million house

Source: SFGate

“Familial squabbling over the bountiful estate of wealthy financier Richard Blum and the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein has grown more acrimonious and accusatory since Feinstein’s death in late September, according to a recent court filing reviewed by SFGATE. The filing reveals heated discussions about multimillion-dollar properties, ‘Himalayan stuff’ and ‘the automobiles at Aspen.’ A few weeks prior to Feinstein’s death at age 90, Judge Roger Picquet ordered Feinstein’s daughter Katherine and some of Blum’s former business associates — Michael Klein, Marc Scholvinck and Verett Mims, who are co-trustees of Blum and Feinstein’s estate — to undergo private mediation, an attempt to resolve a tug-of-war over family assets that had spilled into the public. … But it appears Feinstein’s death has only spurred more conflict between the trustees.” (11/13/23)