SCOTUS adopts toothless “ethics code” as justices face criticism over bribes

Source: CNBC

“The Supreme Court announced Monday it is adopting a code of ethics, a move that followed waves of criticism over reports about undisclosed gifts and travel received by some members of the high court. The 14-page code of conduct was written to ‘dispel’ the ‘misunderstanding’ that the court’s nine justices ‘regard themselves as unrestricted by any ethics rules,’ the court said in a statement. But the document’s apparent lack of an enforcement mechanism may do little to satisfy critics …. Scrutiny on the court ramped up earlier this year, after ProPublica reported that Justice Clarence Thomas had accepted luxury trips from Republican megadonor Harlan Crow for years without reporting them on his annual financial disclosures. … ProPublica later reported that Justice Samuel Alito had failed to disclose a luxury Alaskan fishing trip with billionaire Paul Singer, whose hedge fund had business before the court.” (11/13/23)