Democrats’ off-year election wins mask underlying vulnerabilities

Source: The Hill
by Douglas E Schoen

“Despite Democrats’ notable off-year election wins, last week was a very bad week for Joe Biden. There have been a number of polls, both the New York Times/Siena poll and Emerson polling, showing Biden trailing former President Trump in five of six swing states. Beyond that, Biden’s approval rating is sitting at a record low 37 percent, per Gallup polling, indicating that Biden is now at levels on par with Jimmy Carter when he suffered an overwhelming defeat in 1980. Moreover, with the war in Israel dividing the Democratic party and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying an Israeli occupation of Gaza will continue indefinitely, we are almost certainly guaranteed that Democratic divisions will continue to fester. … As serious as all of that is, the fundamental problem is that Biden does not have an argument for reelection.” (11/13/23)