SJWs and Emote-sters

Source: ProSocial Libertarians
by Andrew Jason Cohen

“Many talk about social justice warriors (SJWs). As with a lot of these sorts of things, this often happens without anyone defining the term. As a rough attempt, I think we can say that SJWs are people that are fired up about about a real or purported injustice and who seek to right the wrong, either with direct activities or, more likely, by protesting and trying to educate others about the injustice, presumably with the hope that those others will take action to right the wrong. SJWs might be mistaken about what they think is an injustice, but they are well-intentioned and (usually) open to correction through civil discourse. … Emote-sters will sometimes seem like SJWs but are not the same. Emote-sters are driven by, and tend to broadcast, their emotional responses. Their emotional responses might be about their own interests or not.” (11/13/23)