Optimism for the Middle Class?

Source: Law & Liberty
by James Hankins

“If, like me, you are a conservative living in the world of academe, you tend to take a dark view of the present moment. Quite apart from the seventh-century barbarism that suddenly erupted into the modern state of Israel last month, it is depressing, even terrifying, to watch our country sleep-walking into multiple economic crises, costly wars, the overturning of our whole system of morality, and the worst choice of presidential candidates our political system has ever thrown up (double entendre intended). Then, suddenly, there appears in your inbox, as though from the starship Enterprise, a blast from Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen. This contains a ‘techno-optimist’ manifesto proclaiming that all the world’s problems are capable of ready technological fixes …. it’s hard not to be bucked up by all this good old American, can-do optimism, linked to a cheery contempt for government solutions.” (11/13/23)