Why Adam Smith Would Have Been a Baseball Fan

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Maul McDonnold

“There is no evidence, as far as I know, that Adam Smith ever heard of the game of baseball (for the record, ChatGPT considers it ‘highly unlikely’). Nonetheless, the two were, broadly speaking, contemporaries and compatriots. The first game of which a record exists was played in Surrey, England in 1749, only a year after Smith began lecturing at the University of Edinburgh in his native Scotland. As with the economic system he essayed in The Wealth of Nations, baseball would find its greatest expression in the United States, where the earliest records of it being played are not far from the year of Smith’s passing in 1790. Technically, Smith was not an economist but a moral philosopher, and for my money baseball is the most moral of all the major sports, just as the free-market system is the most moral way to allocate a nation’s scarce economic resources.” (11/12/23)