My Colleagues’ Right to Say Terrible Things

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Rob Jenkins

“The problem with being a free speech advocate is that you have to defend other people’s right to say things you find abhorrent. Otherwise, as greater luminaries than I have observed, freedom of speech as a concept has no meaning. In other words, free speech cuts both ways. You can’t complain about being canceled for speaking your mind while wishing cancellation on others who do the same — even if they’re chanting ‘From the river to the sea’ or referring to Jews as subhuman. But that is exactly what some self-styled conservatives are doing right now — particularly those demanding that college professors lose their jobs for expressing pro-Palestinian and/or anti-Israel views on social media. As a college professor who has faced the wrath of the mob on more than one occasion, I believe that sets a dangerous precedent.” (11/10/23)