The Perils of Affective Polarization

Source: Quillette
by Julian Adorney

“A few years ago, I was a hardcore partisan. I spent most of my day surrounded by very smart people — lawyers, economics professors, successful businesspeople, and philosophers at Yale — who agreed with me and echoed everything that I wanted to hear about the dangers of big government (I’m a libertarian). My social media feeds, the news I consumed, and the books I read were full of the world’s smartest takes on why I was right. Yet I was miserable. I was consumed by fear and anger towards the other side — all the progressives and conservatives who refused to see what was so blindingly obvious to me. … Fast forward five years and my political views haven’t really changed, but the quality of my relationships has. I no longer live in an ideological echo chamber, and now celebrate the fact that my closest friendships are with people who see the world differently from me.” (11/10/23)