“I Want American Workers to Be United to Make the Occupation Costly, to Make the Israeli Apartheid Costly”

Source: In These Times
by Maximillian Alvarez

“Every day, the Palestinian civilian death toll is rising dramatically as Israel continues its genocidal bombing and ground invasion of Gaza and settler and military violence towards Palestinians in the West Bank intensifies. ‘It’s a closure, it’s a curfew, in many places in the West Bank,’ says Issa Amro. ‘It’s not normal life these days. Soldiers are everywhere, settlers are everywhere, people are afraid to leave their homes, they don’t go to work, they don’t go to school, they don’t go to universities.’ After losing touch with Issa during the day because he was escaping from settlers who were chasing him in Hebron, we managed to reconnect over the phone and record a nine minute conversation about the hell working people in Palestine are going through right now and what their fellow workers in the United States and Canada can do to stop the slaughter.” (11/10/23)