Hillary Clinton shows she’s still “hung up on Trump”

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“She lost an election and now she’s projecting. Hillary Clinton went on ‘The View’ this week, which immediately raises a serious question. What’s the weight capacity for that stage? But you’ll never guess what she talked about. Her love of gardening, the things she does to stay healthy, how much she adores catching and cooking stray kittens, nah it was Donald Trump, as expected. … Seriously, Trump doesn’t just live in Hillary’s brain, he’s built a 500-unit condo with in-unit laundry and a rooftop lounge. … People who have no principles are conscious. Is she talking about her husband or herself? They say you always hate in others what’s true about yourself. … But it sounds like she’s projecting. No principles. Check. No conscience. Big, big check. Fake charity to enrich yourselves while not rebuilding Haiti. Big, big, big, big check.” (11/10/23)