Choice Between [sic] GOP Candidates: Which Country to Bomb First

Source: Common Dreams
by Jon Reynolds

“If there was ever any doubt that Republicans running for president in 2024 will start up another needless war, let that myth be dispelled after the third GOP debate. Whether it’s North Korea, China, Mexico, Iran, Russia, or Venezuela, one major distinction between [sic] the candidates seems to be which country they’ll bomb first. Off the bat, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott …. vowed that if elected president, he would ‘cut the head off the snake’ by bombing Iran …. Nikki Haley, a former board member at Boeing, echoed Scott’s dream of kicking off another catastrophic war in the Middle East and claimed that without Iran, there would be no Hamas in Gaza, no Hezbollah in Lebanon, no Houthis in Yemen, and no ‘Iranian militias’ in Syria and Iraq to target U.S. troops still occupying both countries.” (11/09/23)