Palestine: Israel agrees to “breaks” in Gaza fighting

Source: euronews [EU]

“The Israeli army has agreed to observe breaks of a few hours each day in the north of the Gaza Strip, to allow Palestinian civilians to flee. ‘A ceasefire with Hamas means a surrender,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated on Thursday evening on the Fox News channel. He reaffirmed his objective of ‘eradicating Hamas’ which rules Gaza. ‘Nothing will stop us.’ Israel, however, agreed to make daily humanitarian pauses from Thursday to allow civilians to flee the north — where fighting is raging — towards the south of the territory, according to the United States. … Hundreds of thousands of refugees are crowded in south Gaza, facing increasingly disastrous conditions. … According to OCHA, the number of displaced people in Gaza now stands at 1.6 million out of a population of 2.4 million.” (11/10/23)