The Biden administration’s original sin of America on the world stage

Source: Fox News Forum
by US Senator Ted Budd (R-NC)

“The world is tearing at the seams. Forces of evil and instability are on the march around the globe. But in Washington, President Biden has lacked the strength and focus necessary to protect our homeland and deter our adversaries abroad. … The Biden administration’s original sin is its failure to recognize that for America to be a strong nation, we must first be strong at home. COVID exposed brittle supply chains, the challenge from China, and emphasized the need for a renewal of American manufacturing. Rates of violent crime are up across the country. Meanwhile, the southern border is in chaos and deadly drugs like fentanyl took over 100,000 American lives just last year. Prices for groceries, gas, and electricity are too high, our students’ test scores are plummeting, and overregulation is stifling America’s entrepreneurial spirit.” (11/09/23)