Vivek Ramaswamy Was Created in a Right-Wing Online Edgelord Factory

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“In the more idyllic times before Donald Trump, Ramaswamy would have been mercilessly mocked for being obnoxiously thirsty. But the right has morphed into something unrecognizable since The Donald came down that gold-plated Trump Tower escalator in 2015. It’s worth noting that Ramaswamy was just around 30 years old at the time, and I can’t help but think that is telling. Unlike DeSantis and the other Gen X and late-Boomer candidates on the debate stage, the millennial Ramaswamy didn’t have to reverse-engineer his persona to fit in with the MAGA movement. He is part of a generation that came of age politically during the rise of alt-right shitposters. And it shows.” (11/09/23)